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See your kids in their natural habitat! There is so much to do and see at Rio Tinto Naturescape Kings Park, located in natural bush within the heart of Kings Park.

Discover the many different zones of this great space, by exploring the winding paths, boardwalks and bridges. Each zone offers a unique experience, designed to appeal to children of different ages, personalities and abilities.

Naturescape pythonClimb the Python

The Python is 40 metres long and reaches up to seven metres high, but this isn’t your average reptile! It snakes its way through the tall treetops in the bush. Watch your step as you climb and explore its belly.

Peer out over the Kings Park bushland and keep watch for birds and their nests.

Where will it take you?

Cubby buildingBuild a cubby

Build your best-ever cubby in the cubby area at the end of The Python.

Make it from scratch, or use one of the ‘nests’ here to get you started. Does it have a door? Is there a bed? Will there be room for your friends to visit? Branches supplied!

Then, wind your way back on the boardwalk through our conservation zone.

Paperbark WaterholeWade in the Waterhole

Be careful as you step on the rocks and wade into Paperbark Waterhole. Are they slippery?

Listen to the water gushing down the rocks, feel the smooth pebbles and keep your balance as your cross the Jarrah log.

Imagine you are on an expedition through a Pilbara gorge.

Can you leap from rock to rock over the running water?

The BungarraBrave the Bungarra

Brave the heights of The Bungarra and hold on tight! Do you think this crazy walkway looks like a lizard?

Explore its nooks and crannies made from recycled timber and steel. See the strange-looking upside-down trees from up above and look out over the waterhole.

This unusual walkway through the sky will deliver you to The Tangle.

The TangleSwing from The Tangle

Swing like a ninja from this big web of climbing ropes in amongst the shady Rottnest Island Pines of The Tangle.

Play chasey – but don’t let your feet touch the ground!

Pretend you are a spider waiting to catch a fly, or swing like a monkey in the jungle.

Climb up as high as you can and look for owls in the trees.

The BurrowHide in The Burrow

Disappear down The Burrow and explore its cool tunnels. Imagine you are a creature living in a burrow – are you a bandicoot, a trapdoor spider or a rainbow bee-eater bird?

Pop out the top and see the nest! Are you clever enough to climb its curves?

The Burrow is a perfect place to hide in a game of hide and seek.

Paperbark CreekPaddle in Paperbark Creek

Wet your toes in Paperbark Creek. Build a leaf boat and set sail for a race with your friends, or make a dam with the river rocks.

Scramble over the rocks, or hide in a Dingo Den. Climb or balance over the logs. Feel the water run over your hands.

Touch the soft bark of the paperbark trees on the creek’s edge in this popular spot.

Kooyar Kep WetlandWander the Wetland

Wander down to Kooyar Kep Wetland. Climb the tallest and the smallest tree hides, go log-hopping and take a rest in the shelter.

‘Kooyar Kep’ are Nyoongar words meaning ‘frog water’, so keep watch to see if they are home!

This is a lovely quiet spot to sit by the water and enjoy the sounds of the bush. What can you hear?

The BillabongLook closely in The Billabong

Stop for a moment on Boomerang Bridge to look for tadpoles and native fish in the water.

Watch for dragonflies in spring and summer. You might see ducks and other birds swimming at The Billabong too.

This is the start of our wetland area, which offers a welcome haven for local wildlife living in our bushland.

Can you find Dragonfly Corner hidden from view?

The SpringMix a potion at The Spring

A perfect spot for younger visitors to mix a potion or make a mud pie. Look in the old laundry trough for bark, leaves, gumnuts and other ingredients. Then mix them all together in our stone mixing bowls with some water from The Spring.

Feel the water in The Spring or climb the tall tree hide if you’re feeling brave.

Visitor reminder

Under BGPA Regulations, an infringement may be issued if the driver of a vehicle does not remain within Kings Park's boundaries.

Flower thefts

We’re calling for help from the people of Perth to catch thieves stealing large quantities of flowers and foliage from Kings Park.

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100 years of honour

Saturday, 3 August 2019, marked the 100th anniversary of the opening of the State’s first Honour Avenue on May Drive on 3 August 1919.

Changing Place for Kings Park

Western Australia’s newest Changing Place has opened at Saw Avenue Picnic Area in Kings Park, expanding the opportunities for people with a disability.

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